Mission Statement

As faithful stewards of our clients’ financial resources, our mission is to compound their capital with unparalleled service and investment strategies that challenge common practice with uncommon insight.

Core Values


Transparent & Intentional

We are committed to true diversity of perspectives and ideas, and that requires honesty, empathy and accountability. We speak the truth freely and wholeheartedly to each other and to our clients.


Curious & Bold

We have an insatiable intellectual curiosity that manifests itself in creative problem-solving and portfolio construction. We challenge conventional wisdom and strive to continuously learn. Our collective knowledge and experience are shared with each other and our clients in memorable and rewarding experiences.



Faithful & Accountable

We are grateful for the opportunity to work together in service of our clients, and we treat that responsibility with profound respect. We are also supportive of our local communities, and we serve them selflessly with time, money and effort.


Independent & Uncompromising

We hold ourselves to high standards, and we constantly evaluate and seek to improve the quality and the impact of our work. Personal genius, hard work and independent initiative are encouraged, celebrated and rewarded.