Salient is an innovative multi-billion dollar asset management firm. Our mission is to provide institutional investors and investment advisors with precise investment solutions to help diversify the core risk factors that dominate conventional portfolios.

“The people are the product” encapsulates Salient’s entrepreneurial culture, shapes our perspective, and underpins how we develop our investment strategies. Salient’s approach is collegial: we have seven investment teams with extensive track records, adapting to evolving opportunities and market cycles. Individually, our investment professionals bring varied academic and career experience, with degrees ranging from business and finance to liberal arts, and roles that span the financial, real estate, and education sectors. Their tenure, experience, and intellectual curiosity inform Salient’s unique perspective and drive our portfolio construction and risk management process.

The Salient logo – a transparent, three-dimensional stylized “S” – symbolizes our commitment to analyze and interpret multiple scenarios simultaneously from a variety of angles. In our library of thought leadership and research, we aim to help guide investors away from common behavior mistakes and toward strengthening their commitment to a predetermined asset allocation plan.