Anjali Agarwal

Anjali Agarwal is the chief financial officer at Salient. She oversees the accounting for all corporate entities including subsidiaries of Salient Partners, L.P. Prior to joining Salient in 2009, Anjali worked in the Assurance group with Ernst & Young – India, New York and Houston, and worked on the audits of multiple public and private […]

Michelle Ruch

Michelle Ruch is the head of trading at Salient. She oversees trading in Salient’s Houston and San Francisco offices and across the entire investment platform. Prior to joining Salient in 2011, Michelle was an equity trader for Pool Capital Partners, LLC, in Houston. Previously she was the co-founder and portfolio manager at Quint Capital, a […]

Roz Davis

Roz Davis directs human resources at Salient. She oversees the areas of administration, succession planning, talent management, training, development, and compensation. Roz is responsible for providing leadership, development, and executing the strategy for human resources in support of the overall business plan and strategic direction of the organization. Roz has over 25 years of experience […]

Kristen Bayazitoglu

Kristen Bayazitoglu is the chief operating officer at Salient. She is responsible for directing and overseeing day-to-day back and middle office operations. In addition, she works closely with the president to define and implement new business processes and systems. Since joining Salient in 2004, Kristen has served in numerous capacities, including investments analyst, assistant portfolio […]

Paul Bachtold

Paul Bachtold is the chief compliance officer at Salient and for the firm’s investment funds and advisors. In his role, Paul oversees all compliance and regulatory programs for the firm and serves as an independent and objective body that reviews and evaluates compliance issues and concerns within the organization. Prior to joining Salient in 2010, […]

David Linton

David Linton is executive vice president and head of distribution at Salient. He is responsible for internal and external sales, national accounts and is a member of the senior management team. David has more than 25 years of experience in retail sales and distribution. Prior to joining Salient in 2012, David served as the head of sales […]

Bill Enszer

Bill Enszer became chief executive officer of Salient in September 2020. As CEO, Bill oversees Salient’s investment businesses and the day-to-day operations of the firm. Prior to being appointed CEO, Mr. Enszer was a partner and managing director at Salient leading the firm’s private markets investments. Mr. Enszer is a member of the firm’s investment […]

Gregory A. Reid

Gregory A. Reid is a partner and president of Salient. Prior to joining Salient, Greg was a founder and CEO of RDG Capital, LLC, a Houston-based asset management firm specializing in MLP investments. RDG was acquired by Salient in 2011. Prior to that, he served as senior vice president of Merrill Lynch. Greg began his […]